Section 23

On the early career of of ʿAbd al-Latif Khan, otherwise known as Apaq Khan

ʿAbd al-Latif Khan was the youngest child of Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan b. Muhammad Khan (May God ennoble his secret!) From Kashgar the city’s great and small, base and noble, came to the pay their respects to the khan, and after an audience they asked for [ʿAbd al-Latif Khan]. The Khan looked favourably on their petition, and he appointed Mirza Abu Ghur Saghrichi as atabeg and sent ʿAbd al-Latif Khan to Kashgar. At that time ʿAbd al-Latif Sultan was eleven years old. The amirs despatched their own children and brothers to wait on ʿAbd al-Latif Khan. But God knows best regarding this.

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