Section 17

An explanation of certain affairs involving Temür Sultan, whose real name was Ziya al-Din Ahmad Sultan

[Temür Sultan] was the elder son of Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan. While he was in Aqsu, the Kirghiz heard word of Muhammad Khan’s death. Five thousand men assembled, chose Tilaka Bi and Baybuta Qara as leaders, and advanced towards the country of Aqsu, where they engaged in plundering and pillaging. Mirza Hashim Bayrin took the Sultan and headed out against the Kirghiz. They [also] sent someone to Mirza Hashim Churas, who was governor of Uch, telling him to mobilise the troops of Uch against the Kirghiz, and he acted as instructed. When the Sultan and Mirza Hashim reached the Kirghiz, Tilaka men took refuge somewhere, accompanied by two thousand men, but Baybuta Qara obstinately held his ground with three thousand evil Kirghiz. Mirza Hashim Beg inflamed the bold men of Aqsu to fight, and a battle ensued. Mirza Hashim Churas also arrived, pursuing the Kirghiz with the champions of Uch. Defeat fell to the side of Buta Qara; around two thousand men were killed, and the remaining Kirghiz were obliged to hang their quivers around their necks, and come before the Sultan. Tilaka Bi also came into the presence of the Sultan, with many offerings. He said “I have erred. I came upon hearing that His Majesty Muhammad Khan had departed the mortal world, thinking that I could get my hands on something. Otherwise I would not have dared commit such effrontery.” The Sultan forgave everyone’s crimes, and gave them all permission to leave. For his part, the Sultan was not aware of the death of his illustrious grandfather—he heard it first from Tilaka—and became upset and retired to Aqsu. Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan sent someone to confirm Mirza Hashim Bayrin in his former position in Aqsu, and [instructed] that each of the amirs be reaffirmed in their own places, and that the Sultan should present himself with a few of his companions. Temür Sultan left Mirza Hashim Beg in Aqsu and set out for Yarkand. The amirs of Yarkand greeted him and admitted the Sultan to the presence of the Khan. The Khan showed him courtesy with fatherly grace, and granted him the emirate of Kashgar and Yangihissar as his soyurghal. He appointed Mirza Haydar Churas at the Sultan’s ataliq, and sent them on their way to Kashgar.