About Sinoturcica

It’s been a while since anything new was posted here, but Sinoturcica has a new look (again) as of September 2015. I don’t want to promise too much, but hopefully this is the start of at least a steady trickle of posts. This site has been through a few different incarnations, but is now basically the website of David Brophy, historian at the University of Sydney. One of the reasons I’ve finally been able to revive this site is that my first book is finally on its way out, Uyghur Nation: Reform and Revolution on the Russia-China Frontier (HUP, 2016). A lot of what I hope to put up here will be offcuts, translations of sources, or just random Inner Asia-related tidbits that I accumulated in the course of researching and writing that book, but I anticipate also making the occasional foray into contemporary issues surrounding Xinjiang and the Uyghurs.

I’m happy for people to repost things that go up here, but please ask permission before doing so. I’m also happy to take contributions to the site from anyone else with an interest in this field.

Feel free to contact me at: david.brophy@sydney.edu.au

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Below is a list of my scholarly publications. Some of them are available to download at academia.edu.


Uyghur Nation: Reform and Revolution on the Russia-China Frontier. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2016.

(with Onuma Takahiro) The Origins of Qing Xinjiang: A Set of Historical Sources on Turfan. Tokyo: NIHU Program Islamic Area Studies, 2016.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

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Encyclopaedia Entries

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Book Reviews

Review of Struggle by the Pen: Uyghur Discourse of Nation and National Interest, c. 1940-1949, by Klimeš, Ondřej. Journal of Asian Studies (forthcoming, 2016)

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