Section 14

On the death of Abu Saʿid Sultan, and the events that occurred in those times

One of my informants tells me that Abu Saʿid Sultan was a brave and honourable king, and used to greatly enjoy hunting. During a hunt a fever took him, and he was bed-ridden for several days, until he passed from this transitory world to the everlasting realm. Abu Saʿid Sultan had three children: the first was Muhammad Saʿid Sultan, the second was Abuka Sultan, and the third was Shah Khanim, who was the esteemed wife of Shah Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan. He transferred rule of Kashgar and Yangihissar to his worthy son Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan, and he appointed Mirza Turdi Ordabegi as Shah Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan’s ataliq. Ziya al-Din Ahmad Sultan, who is known as Timur Sultan, was the elder son of Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan. When the Sultan was nine years old he made Mirza Hashim Bayrin his ataliq and sent him to govern in Aqsu and Uch.

Khoja Muhammad Yahya, son of Hazrat Khoja Muhammad Ishaq, son of Hazrat Makhdum-i Aʿzam (May God sanctify their souls!) arrived from Transoxiana, and His Majesty Muhammad Khan went out as far as Qushkanbar to meet him, and with reverent bows escorted him all the way to the township of Qaraqum. After that His Majesty Muhammad Khan dismounted, put the bridle of the horse of Hazrat Azizan around his neck, and led him to the ordu. He organised three days of feasting and showered him with gifts. He arranged a dwelling for Hazrat Azizan, and Hazrat Azizan stayed there.

Khudabanda Sultan met his death at Yarkand. He left behind two sons. One was Muhammad Hashim Sultan, who was born to him, and an account of him and his deeds will be forthcoming. The other was Iskandar Sultan, who was his wife’s son. Mirza Shah, Mirza Ghiyas, Khoja Latif, and Mirza ʿAbdullah Ishikagha were all involved in affairs of state, but Mirza Sharif Hasan Barlas did not pay these amirs any attention. This was because Mirza Sharif Hasan was the son of Noruz Mirza, son of Amir Muhammadi Barlas. Noruz Mirza was born to a daughter of Sultan Saʿid Khan, Sahib Jamal Khanim. ʿAbd al-Rashid Khan had appointed Amir Muhammadi to the emirate of Kashgar and considered him his son-in-law. Thus at the head of the government of Yarkand there was constant strife between Mirza Sharif Hasan and Mirza Shah. The amirs supported Mirza Shah, and Mirza Sharif Hasan made things so difficult for Muhammad Khan that he could only do one of two things: either he make him amir of amirs and assign the government of Yarkand to him, or he give him leave to go to Kabul. Muhammad Khan reluctantly gave Mirza Sharif Hasan permission to depart, and Mirza Sharif Hasan took his own followers and kinsmen and went before Shah Salim Padshah.[ref]The Mughal emperor Jahangir (r. 1605-1627).[/ref] The king bestowed upon him the government of Ghaznin. While dwelling in that very place he tasted martyrdom at the hands of the Afghan infidels. God knows best.