Section 16

On Shah Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan and his accession to the throne

Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan was in Kashgar. Hazrat Azizan, Khoja Latif, Mirza Ghiyas, and Mirza ʿAbdullah sent someone to Shujaʿ al-Din, and he came and sat on the seat of the Sultanate. At that point Mirza Shah died, and the government of Yarkand was bestowed on his son Shah Faraba. [The Khan] made Mirza Haydar Churas and Mirza Ghazi Barlas the commanders of his troops and sent them out towards Hotan. These amirs took Shah Haydar Muhammad Sultan, son of ʿAbd al-Karim Khan, from Hotan and brought him to Yarkand, and [the Khan] ordered his exile to Transoxiana. Imam Quli Khan greatly honoured the Sultan, and entrusted the government of Samarqand to him, and it was there that he died. Shujaʿ al-Din Ahmad Khan showed such affection towards the people that during his reign it was as if a wolf might befriend a lamb, or a pigeon a hawk. He restored Shah Faraba to his original appointment of governor, and he made Khoja Latif his vazir, according to the dispensation of Muhammad Khan. Mirza Ghiyas Saghrichi passed away nine months later. In his place he made his nephew Mirza Abu Ghur qoshbegi and uchbegi, and involved him in the affairs of state. When Mirza ʿAbdullah died, he made his son-in-law Abu al-Maʿani Shah, son of Mirza Shah, his ishikagha. Mirza Haydar Churas became ensconced in the government of Kashgar. He gave the administration of the inchi people (īl-i inčī) as soyurghal to Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Bayrin.