Section 13

On the early affairs of His Majesty ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan

[ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan] was the last son of ʿAbd al-Rashid Khan. In agreement with Mirza Shah, Muhammad Khan sent him to Chalish and Turfan as sultan of that region. In that region at this time Khudabanda Sultan, son of Quraysh Sultan, had seized Chalish and Turfan with the help of Tükä Khan the Kazakh. When ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan and Mirza Shah reached Turfan, Khudabanda Sultan requested support from the Qalmaq. The Qalmaq came to his aid, but those same Qalmaqs handed over Khudabanda Sultan to ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan and Mirza Shah. Mirza Shah took Khudabanda Sultan to Yarkand, and ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan established his independent rule in the sultanate of Chalish and Turfan.