Section 21

On the Rebellion of Sharaf al-Din Sultan b. Yunus Sultan b. ʿAbd al-Rashid Khan

The details of this matter are that Sharaf al-Din Sultan, who was in Yarkand, took the remains of Timur Sultan. Mirza Muhammad Dust Arlat, Mirza Masʿud Bayrin, Qarlughuch Shah, Mirza Latif Churas and Khoja Mustafa came from Kashgar to Yarkand. Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan sent Shah Faraba to manage his palace in Kashgar. Shah Faraba settled in the village of Aqmasjid. The Khan and the amirs were occupied with the burial of the Sultan, and Mirza Sharif Bikchik and Khoja Mustafa and the brothers of Haydar Beg, i.e. Latif Beg and Mirza Muhammad Rahim, Arif Bahadur, Mirza Sulayman Shah and Adil Khoja Qapaq and a group of others conspired, and they took Sharaf al-Din Sultan and fled from Yarkand to Kashgar. In Kashgar they had left behind Mirza Ali Mardan Beg, his brother Mirza Shah Mansur Beg, Mirza Timur Churas, Turdi Bakavul and Khoja Firuz Karakiragh. They were caught completely unawares when these amirs arrived in the middle of the night and raised up Sharaf al-Din Sultan as Khan. They summoned the amirs of Timur Sultan, and then stripped them and threw them in jail. The Khan sent Mirza Manaq Churas out against Sharaf al-Din Sultan with a unit of crack troops. Manaq Beg reached the province of Kashgar, met with Shah Faraba and set about besieging the Kashgar citadel.

The treacherous amirs petitioned to Sharaf al-Din Sultan that they set fire to the prison. The Sultan consented. They arranged it such that they would light a fire in the prison at dawn, and then everyone would return to their guardposts. Mulla Qoray Aqsuyi heard about this, and set Ali Mardan Beg and the other amirs free from prison. These [freed] amirs set out towards the Köksaray, to a place where there was a wide tunnel. The amirs got out of the fort through that tunnel, and joined the Khan’s amirs, who consisteed of Mirza Manaq Churas and Shah Faraba (who were commanders of the army), and they intensified the assault on the citadel.

 This affair of Sharaf al-Din and the criminal amirs ended in bloodshed. Sharaf al-Din Sultan, Latif Beg, Mirza Muhammad Rahim and several others ran away. The amirs pursued them, caught and brought them back. Mirza Sharif and Mirza Sulayman Shah and a few others who did not accompany the Sultan were still hiding out in the mountains. Mirza Sharif was addicted to poppy-seed. When his poppy-seed ran out he sent one of his men out for more. Someone spied and captured him, and had him lead them quickly against them. They captured them all and brought them in. They assembled all the ingrates. They hanged Mirza Sulayman Shah and Arif Bahadur in Kashgar, and they cut to pieces some of the others. Mirza Manaq Beg and Shah Faraba brought Sharaf al-Din Sultan, Latif Beg, Mirza Muhammad Rahim, Mirza Sharif, Khoja Mustafa, Mirza Muhsin b. Mirza Muhammad Ya’qub Dughlat, Mirza Haydar Zarghun, Mirza Yunus Qabali, Adil Khoja Qapaq and a group of others to the Khan’s presence. He manacled Mirza Sharif, Latif Beg, Mirza Muhammad Rahim and Khoja Mustafa, smeared their faces black and crucified them. He exiled Sharaf al-Din Sultan, Mirza Muhsin, Mirza Haydar and Mirza Yunus. Adil Qapaq and several others he released from imprisonment. He also exiled the brother of Sharaf al-Din Sultan, Mahdi Sultan, and he had two other brothers, named Quraysh Sultan and Sayf al-Muluk Sultan. Their affairs will be described, God-willing.