Section 12

An account of the excellent qualities and high morals of Muhammad Khan

Muhammad Khan was a just and wise king, with a powerful mind, and he was the khalifa of Hazrat Azizan. It is said regarding Haji Murad (May God’s mercy be upon him!) that Muhammad Khan had instructed the amirs that someone should prepare themselves and go on his behalf to the house of the great Kaʿba and perform the ceremonies of the hajj and the lesser pilgrimage by visiting Medina, the City of Peace. The Khan’s words were spread among the people, and Haji Murad was struck by a desire to visit the Kaʿba and Medina for the Khan, and kiss the threshold. With this in mind he went before the Khan and performed the morning prayers in the Khan’s company. After the recitations and the prayer the Khan turned to Haji Murad and said “Oh Haji, I commend you for your good intention, you were wise to come.” Haji Murad (May God ennoble his secret!) fell at the feet of the Khan weeping. The Khan smiled and recited a line of poetry. This was the line: “Should our dwelling be the quickest way to the court [of the Lord].” Indeed, there is no doubt that a king who spends his days in justice, equity, and the promotion of the shariʿa, will be contemplated by the divine gaze.

It is told that Hazrat Azizan Khoja Ishaq (Mercy and forgiveness be upon him!) once inquired as to what Muhammad Khan was occupied with. In reply they told him that he was busy in prayer and alms giving. Hazrat Azizan immediately sent a message from Samarqand to tell Muhammad Khan that he would exchange his sixty years of worship for the virtue of one act of justice of the Khan. Muhammad Khan sent word in reply that the life of this humble servant was an offering to Hazrat Azizan. Hazrat Azizan was delighted with this and instructed him to display justice and fairness.

In short, the Khan gave to Haji Murad thirty man of land in the village of Japush, and with it he bestowed a passport and a seal, showed him the appropriate kindnesses, and gave him leave to go to the holy city of Mecca (May God ennoble her!). The Haji crossed the stages, reached the Kaʿba and Medina, and returned to the service of the Khan. The Khan showed favours to the Haji. They say that Haji Murad (Mercy be upon him!) went back to Mecca again to seek out the Pole of the Age, and on the way was beset by great difficulties and countless trials. The Haji was a man who had attained perfection in his heart, and had conversed with many of the greats of the religion. One day he was sitting in contemplation when he heard a voice from heaven, saying: “The Pole is in your land.” The Haji got up straightaway, did fresh ablutions, genuflected twice in honour of the One, and made entreaties. Again the heavenly voice sounded, saying: “The Pole is Muhammad Khan.” Haji Murad rushed back to Yarkand, and in six months he reached the district of Yarkand. Three days before Haji’s arrival (May God ennoble his secret!), Muhammad Khan (May God keep him in the gardens of paradise!) left the mortal realm. The Haji was grief-stricken and regretful. He visited the light-filled tomb of Muhammad Khan, and took up residence in the village of Japush. Muhammad Khan was the Pole for six months, although only God knows the truth.