Section 15

A concluding account of Muhammad Khan, the period of his reign, and the length of his noble existence

It is recounted that in the country of Yarkand, Kashgar, Aqsu, Uch, Küsän, Chalish and Turfan as far as Qumul, and Hotan and Sariq Qol as far the ruby mines,[ref]A reference to Badakhshan, source of lapis lazuli, the laʿl-i Badakhshān.[/ref] the khutba and the coinage were adorned with the name of His Majesty Muhammad Khan, and he ruled as Sultan. One year less than a thousand had passed (i.e. 999 AH), and he had ruled with authority for eighteen years. In the heavenly land of Yarkand he heeded the verse Oh tranquil soul, return to your Lord [89:27], and the parrot of his great soul slipped its sensual bonds and headed for the timeless meadows. He lived for seventy-two years— God knows for sure.