Section 22

Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan’s Mobilisation against his illustrious Uncle ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan

They relate that when Temür Sultan passed away, grief and affliction took hold of Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan. He took counsel with his own amirs, the amirs offered advice: “Let us take our troops and march on Chalish and Turfan, ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan—a bold and just king—surely won’t come out victorious.” They ended their deliberations and assembled troops. The reason for this was that in previously Mirza Abu Ghur had campaigned and been defeated, but when Timur Sultan died, Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan was persuaded. He arranged his troops and dispatched a thousand men from Yarkand, with Mirza Nazar Muhammad Churas at their head. Mirza Muhammad Yusuf Beg took the army of Hotan and set out and reached Aqsu. Ulugh Mirza Hashim Beg and Mirza Hashim Churas took the men of Aqsu and Uch, turned towards Chalish and Turfan and went as far as Korla.

His Excellency ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan became aware of this, drew up his troops and blocked their path. Battle ensued. Iskandar Sultan Kazakh, who was in the service of ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan, reported to the Khan: “My Lord, a tought battle has occurred, they are sorely pressed, if you give me forty men I will go and block the enemy’s path. For as long as we live we will dedicate our lives for your kingdom.’ Iskandar Sultan and forty armed men gathered voluntarily and blocked the enemy’s path. Iskandar Sultan b. Khudabanda Sultan was among the amirs of the Churas. Most of Iskandar Sultan Kazakh’s companions were struck by heavy arrows (sahm-i putk) and fell to the ground. ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan was eager to attack, but Muhammad Vali Beg Churas was restraining him. A heavy arrow hit Iskandar Sultan Kazakh and he too fell. Muhammad Vali Beg said: “Oh my King, now is the time to raise the standard, sound the horn, and charge.” ʿAbd al-Rahim Khan had a string of rosary beads in his hand, he tucked them away and set out to face the enemy. Both sides charged at once. Defeat fell to the side of Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan’s amirs.

The defeated amirs, along with Iskandar Sultan, returned to the court of [Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad] Khan. Iskandar Sultan Kazakh was killed in that clash. Shujaʾ al-Din Ahmad Khan consoled his amirs, sent Iskandar Sultan to Aqsu, and he gave Mirza Hashim Beg a free reign.

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